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  • About Us

    Integrity, passion, professionalism, respect and cooperation

    Address: No. 1000, North of Shengzhou Avenue, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Tel: +86-575-83123228
    Fax: +86-575-83101736
    E-mail: hr@alkpharm.cn
    URL: http://www.meiguotongjiadian.com

    The current position : Home  ?   About us   ?   Company introduction

           Zhejiang Anglikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical company engaging in APIs and pharmaceutical preparations, and featuring oral cephalosporins, cardiovascular and kidney diseases.The company owns six subsidiaries including Zhejiang Anglikang Capsule Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Anlitai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yuexin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Angbo Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kangyun Huapeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Anglikang Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. 

           The company takes quality as cornerstone of company development and has established a sound quality management system covering the whole process from product development, raw and auxiliary materials procurement, production and quality control, warehousing, product distribution to sales tracking. Moreover, it has formulated internal control quality standards in accordance with GMP regulations to ensure product quality.

           The company takes R&D and innovation as the driving force for enterprise development. Relying on Zhejiang Key Enterprise Research Institute, provincial enterprise technology center, academician expert workstation, foreign expert workstation and post-doctoral workstation and other excellent research and development platforms, the company has continuously promoted independent research and development, and has successfully accumulated a large number of core technologies and has excellent R & D team, which have l laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve independent research and development of drugs 

           The company pays attention to the cooperation in the industry and strives to create greater value for upstream and downstream partners with its sincere belief. The company not only cooperates with Meifulun, Ningbo Sanyuan and Zhuhai Youbang in production, but also cooperates with Wanpeng Lange, Suzhou Jingyun, and Zibo Zhiyuan in new product layout. Moreover, it also cooperates with overseas returnees to establish platform to develop new drugs. It has also established a joint venture with the world's top 500 German Fresenius Kabi, the leading domestic pharmaceutical company Guangyao Baiyun Mountain, and shares the cutting-edge technologies and markets with many other domestic and foreign counterparts.

           The company takes social responsibility as its first mission and caring for vulnerable groups, and has established "Zhejiang ANlikang Leukemia Relief Fund" with Shengzhou Red Cross Society to rescue some families with difficulties, and it actively participates in precision poverty alleviation.

           In the future, the company will continue to focus on the pharmaceutical industry, integrate internal and external resources, take the opportunity of listing, increase investment in technological transformation and R&D innovation. Adhering to the values of "integrity, passion, specialty, respect, and cooperation" and enterprise vision of "healthy development, top 100", we strive to develop the company into an innovative international pharmaceutical company with strong comprehensive competitiveness in the industry.


    Zhejiang Anglikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Link: Zhejiang Anglitai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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